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48. “The Lost Symbol,” Dan Brown

July 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Robert Langdon is once again unraveling the well-guarded secrets of an ancient and highly-influental order whilst being stalked by a violent white dude. This time it’s Freemasons in Washington, DC.

I know I am supposed to be above Dan Brown, but I do find the Robert Langdon books enjoyable. They are fast, they make you feel smart and smug, and they are many pages. And if you are a page-counter like me, fast, long books are what it is all about.

Page count: 509
Page total: 13,122


38. “Angels and Demons,” Dan Brown

June 6, 2009 Leave a comment

Better than “The Da Vinci Code.”

Page count: 573
Page total: 18,087

17. “The Da Vinci Code”, Dan Brown

February 14, 2009 Leave a comment

This isn’t my most recently read book, but I just noticed that I forgot to record it. Possibly out of shame.

Okay, so after catching part of the movie, I caved and read it– partly because I wondered how all the exposition happened in the book. The answer: annoyingly. Listen, buddy, if you are accused of murder and trying to find the Holy fucking Grail, maybe you should just tell the woman who is helping you (1) not to get thrown in a terrifying French prison (2) find said fucking Grail whatever you know that you think might be relevant and not wait for when it will be more dramatic.

But that’s just a suggestion.

This book was interesting, in a sort of uniquely US American way. US Americans like things that make us feel smart, that have all sorts of history and hopefully conspiracy, and provide more or less instant gratification. This does all those things. For the past few weeks, I have had to restrain myself from talking about the blade and chalice in my Sexuality and Relationships in Christian Religions class. Lest I embarrass myself.

Pages: 496
Total: 12,534