November 2009-2010 summary

My year in books ends today.

This year, I read sixty-nine books and 20,806 pages, for an average page length of 301.5 pages. That’s five more books than I read last year. I read twelve books and 4,609 pages in July alone.

I read on average 1.3 books a week or one book every five days.

My library card got a good workout this year: I read fifty-four library books— a full 88% of my total.

I only tagged ten books as recommended this year, but I can recommend a lot more. Skimming back over the previous year’s titles was like visiting old friends. I love these retrospectives, though it is, of course, only my second one. What an accomplishment to have read sixty-nine books in one year! What an accomplishment to have kept a list, let alone good notes!

There are several themes in my reading this year: cultural histories and microhistories continue to be popular, and social justice books gain more prominence. For a while, I was also reading a lot of books on books. Five of the books I read last year were from the “Harry Potter” series. That number seems low.

I also experienced a wide range of emotions regarding Dave Eggers.

One of my goals for this year was to read more by authors of color. Last year, only 12% of the books I read were by authors of color. This year it was one third. People of color are about four-fifths of the world population.

I also wanted to write more summaries, which I did for almost every book. Next year, I want to keep up those goals, to include year published, and to start being mindful of other identity categories my authors fall into. Hopefully, that’ll make my reading a resource to others.

Month-by-month totals
November: Two books, 218 pages
December: Six books, 1,395 pages
January: Four books, 1,200 pages
February: One book, 345 pages
March: Six books, 2,030 pages
April: Four books, 1,148 pages
May: Seven books, 1,909 pages
June: Ten books, 2,515 pages
July: Twelve books, 4,609 pages
August: Ten books, 2,481 pages
September: Three books, 1,352 pages
October: Six books, 1,605 pages

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