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Weekly update

This week was consumed by the only paper I had to write for my ghosts class. Not much progress made on the various books I accumulated this book, but there were a lot of panicked trips to the library.

-“Covering,” Kenji Yoshino. G-d as my witness, I’m finishing this book.
-“The Summoning,” Kelley Armstrong (FWD write-up here) (17). Chloe starts seeing dead people and is locked up in a group home for unstable teens where she is forced to accept that she is ill… or suffer the consequences
-“Dumbfounded,” Matt Rothschild (158). A fat, cross-dressing, gay, red-headed Jew? It’s like Rosthchild’s life was compiled to amuse me.
-“The Ghost Writer,” Philip Roth (49). I figure I should read one Roth book, since my class is reading like five.

-“Who Fears Death,” Nnedi Okorafor. I thought I returned this already.
-“Blonde Roots,” Bernadine Evaristo. I was panicking about my ghosts paper and just started grabbing books I had already read.
“Dust,” Karen Frances Turner. I could tell from the title it was a zombie book, but I didn’t know it was ON THE WRONG SIDE.
-“Out Stealing Horses,” Per Petterson. Goodwill!
-“Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife,” Mary Roach.

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