60. “Plaguemaker,” Tim Downs

FBI agent Donovan must work with a mysterious British informant to stop a bioterrorism event of unprecedented scale from occurring during the New York City Fourth of July fireworks.

This isn’t the sort of book I usually read. I was sort of embarrassed whenever a co-worker asked what I was reading– and they did it a lot more than usual with this book. And then they wanted to talk about it. And I just wanted to read my book, not speak to them, and not feel like I had to defend the fact that I was reading fluff.

As far as fluff goes, this was pretty decent. There’s a fair mix of science, and the Christian elements (which earned it a full page of reviews from sites like FaithfulReader.com) were important to the plot but not too preachy. I’m reading another Tim Downs book now.

I’d say it’s a B-/C+. Better than average, but not my usual taste. If you like this sort of book– thriller with a “ripped from the headlines” premise, you’ll likely rate it higher.

Page count: 391
Page total: 16,489

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