56. “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” Seth Grahame-Smith

While reading this book, I kept saying things like “startling new evidence has recently come to light that Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States, was, in fact, an accomplished vampire hunter,” and “were you aware that many of President Lincoln’s closest friends and family members were slaughtered by the walking dead?” and “do you realize that this country owes a debt to not only the evil institution of slavery, but the extravagantly wealthy vampires who, driven from Europe to the US, purchased slaves for sport and food?” and “the vampire-controlled media downplays the startling influence vampires have long had over this nation’s highest offices.”

Sometimes, I’m not entirely sure that I should be allowed to read books. But, clearly, I shouldn’t be allowed to interact with other humans.

This wasn’t the best-written book I’ve ever read– the excerpt from Lincoln’s diary were not really in the president’s voice–, but the idea was very entertaining.

Page count: 336
Page total: 15,230

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