55. “Intern: A Doctor’s Initiation,” Sandeep Jauhar

A physics PhD decides to become a doctor for reasons even he finds difficult to explain. In this book, he traces the first years of his transition into medicine

Eh. The medical anecdotes were interesting, but the personal stuff really did nothing for me. If you’re not sure why you are a doctor, maybe you should figure that out before writing a book about being a doctor? I’m more ambivalent about my career that most (hi, I have two magna cum laude BAs, a teaching license, I’m working on two master’s degrees, have been published in an academic journal, and I work fairly happy at a grocery store), but I don’t know why you’d choose to torture yourself with a hellish internship when you don’t enjoy the learning or medicine, or want to be a doctor. Perhaps you should find a minimum wage job, sir?

In the end, Jauhar is a fairly successful cardiac surgeon who has been practicing for ten years. But this book doesn’t really tell us how he got from not wanting to be a doctor to specializing and practicing for a decade (so far). I know sometimes the workings of ones own mind are inscrutable, but you’re writing a book, maybe you could make something up?

Jauhar seems like an interesting guy, but this book doesn’t do him justice.

Page count: 292
Page total: 14,894

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