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3. “Look me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger’s,” John Elder Robison

My friend’s boyfriend bought me this book and an attempt to win me over. Out of gratitude, I asked my friend to make eye contact with him for me.

True story.

So, this book is a memoir by Augusten Burrough’s brother about what it is like to have Asperger’s syndrome. It chronicles his abusive family, pulling “pranks”, moving out at sixteen, designing Ace Freehly’s fire-spouting guitars, creating some of the first electronic toys for Milton Bradley, falling in love, having a son, getting divorced, getting re-married, and starting his own career.

I liked this book because for the past several years, I’ve suspected that I have Asperger’s and many of the thought patterns in this book were extremely familiar. It is also nice to see someone with AS who is successful, both in business and relationships. I recently embarked upon by first romantic relationship and sometimes I’m pretty sure this woman is a saint because I don’t really have a typical understanding of social situations and she always seems to accept my quirks in stride. It’s nice to see an Aspie with two fairly successful long term relationships.

Page count: 320
Page total: 528

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