59. “How to Rent a Negro,” damali ayo

September 14, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Interesting read. I’ve definitely seen many of these practices, and I’m sure I’ve participated in a few rentals myself.

damali ayo gave a presentation at my school once. She was very funny, but she promised to kick our asses and mine was left unkicked. I like “diversity lectures” that don’t pull punches.

By the way, when I was talking to her after the event, she made sure to mention that several of her models for her new organic, sliding-scale clothing line were gender queer. I was about a year into my transition at that time and things were rocky. I wish I asked to touch her hair after that because dang I reduced to my body, the Other.

I brought her guide of things you can do to end racism home and put a copy in my bathroom, which had a chair in it for some reason, so there was apparently a lot of thinking happening in there. One of my roommates come out all outraged, holding the guide and asking why people were always concerned about making black people equal and why wasn’t anyone worried about how people of Swedish decent, like him, faced prejudice.

And then I put my righteous anger where it belonged.

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