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33. “The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2008”

I’ve been in a short story mood lately. I guess it’s because I just finished up undergrad, so I’m enjoying the feeling of reading and having time to read, but I want it to feel casual and relatively commitment-free. The day after graduation, some friends and I went to a book store and two of us ended up buying this (for six bucks!). I’m glad I did. There’s an interesting variety: everything from profiles of Bill Clinton from GQ to lists of the last sentences of books published in 2007 to comics to more traditional short stories.

My favorite stories are “Best American Facebook Groups,” “Best American Kurt Vonnegut Writings” (in memorium quotes from Vonnegut’s stories), “Darkness” by Andrew Sean Greer, and “Searching for Zion” Emily Raboteau. Check out the BANR blog here.

Page count: 363
Page total: 16,445
LOEP entry, BC
Next up: Any of the five “Best American” books I checked out with my shiny new library card. Or maybe “The Quiet American,” which Anthony Bourdain was plugging on “No Reservations” tonight.

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