25. “Monster”, Walter Dean Myers

This is a very fast read. Most of it is formatted like a movie script, the rest is “handwritten” journal entries.

They take away your shoelaces and your belt so you can’t kill yourself no matter how bad it is. I guess making you live is part of the punishment. (59)

Everybody in here either talks about sex or hurting somebody or what they’re in here for. That’s all they think about and that’s what’s on my mind, too. What did I do? I walked into a drugstore to look for some mints, and then I walked out. What was wrong with that? I didn’t kill Mr. Nesbitt.
Sunset said he committed [his] crime. Isn’t that what being guilty is all about? You actually do something? you pick up a gun and you point it across a small space and pull a trigger? You grab the purse and run screaming down the street? Maybe, even, you buy some baseball cards that you think were stolen [like Mr. Zinzi did]? (140)

I think I finally understand why there are so many fights. In here all you have going for you is the little surface stuff, how people look at you and what they say. And if that’s all you have, then you have to protect that. Maybe that’s right. (155)

[I looked out the window.] I was looking for Jerry. They don’t allow kids in the visiting area, which was funny. It was funny because if I wasn’t locked up, I wouldn’t be allowed to come into the visiting room. (156)

Page count: 281
Total: 14,403

Up next: “Harriet the Spy”, “On Television”, maybe “The War of the Worlds”

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