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18. “Kitchen Confidential”, Anthony Bourdain

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Well, first things first, this book is aimed at chefs. I am not a chef. I am not even a true foodie (that whole kosher thing makes that hard), but I really, really enjoy food. I also often watch food shows (like “No Reservations”) and think to myself “if I didn’t care about G-d, I would totally be eating that prosciutto-wrapped whatever and loving every salty second of it”, so there is a vicarious thrill for me in books about food. I also really like books about how disgusting food and food prep is.

This book had bits of all of those things (Bourdain recounts his first tastes of Normandy butter and uses the phrase “truffle oil” at least a dozen times). Most of it, however, is about how Bourdain puts together a kitchen and his various job-related exploits. Interesting, if a bit repetitive, but it’s just not what I thought I was getting. And I was not the least bit grossed out by the idea that fish ordered on Monday is from Thursday’s delivery, so that supposedly mind-blowing anecdote was totally lost on me. I’m a dude, I’m in college. I wish the stuff I am eating was only four or five days old.

Page count: 312
Total: 12,846

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