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15. “I am Legend”, Richard Matheson

Hi. I’m obsessive. Today I read “I am Legend” and watched “The Last Man on Earth”. I am very afraid of vampires.

A few thoughts:
-Damn, Matheson needs to learn a synonym for “palsied”. I don’t even think that that is a word. Say “stiff”. Say “frozen”. Say “shaking” or “tremulous” or “unsteady”. There are so many words that actually mean what you want to say.
-The whole bit with the dog was so much more heart-breaking in the book. I needed to stop reading for a minute. I miss my dog. I miss dogs in general.
-The most recent edition (the one with Will Smith on the cover) should make it a little bit clearer where “I am Legend” ends and a collection of short stories begins. I read another fifty pages before I finally Wikipedia’d it and found out that, no, Matheson was not going to tie all this back together.
    -The “Prey” one with the Zuni doll was some scary shit. I didn’t know that the Trilogy of Terror episode was based on it. It brought me back to the good old days of Scarred for Life. I read it while laying on my floor, too, right at doll level.

Pages: 317
Total: 11,771

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