14. “The Bad begining”, Lemony Snicket

Eh. This book didn’t do much for me. I might check the others out at the Wheelock library, but I wouldn’t bother going all the way to the BPL for them, and I wouldn’t buy them. This was a very quick read (probably a little over an hour), which was a plus. I read it during my usual 3-5am wakefulness.

Snicket does this vocab-building thing that I kept going back and forth on. He’ll use a good vocab word, then say something like “which in this case means blah blah blah.” He plays around with it a little (“Gack!” spoken by a baby means “look at that mysterious figure emerging from the fog!”, “faking” means “feigning”), but I think that if he were interested in helping young readers to build up their vocabs, mindfully using context clues might do them one better.

Page count: 162
Total: 11,454

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